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Personal Training Marketing Tactics
Are you about to embark upon a career as a personal trainer but want to ensure that you reach your target audience? Are you having a hard time determining who your target audience actually is? Are you a personal trainer but struggling to understand the way new media and social media can propel your career to new levels? Our Personal Trainer Marketing Tactics Program has had its finger on the pulse of this industry for many years now. Are you looking to break into new avenues within the fitness industry? Have you heard about successful boot camp training regimen at gyms or local parks? Do you believe there's an untapped group who could benefit from your skills and experience as a personal trainer? In our program you have found perhaps the most diverse, tailored-to-your-needs program out there today. We've met face-to-face with absolutely brilliant trainers who barely had any web presence. We've watched as personal trainers pumped out the same trite Tweets or Facebook posts and received little to no engagement. We've heard stories from personal trainers who spent months creating what on paper seemed like the perfect fitness class only to hear that they received embarrassingly low enrollment numbers. Over the course of years we have studied all of these failures and all of the successes and extracted from them every insight we possibly could. The result is what you'll have access to in our Personal Trainer Marketing Tactics Program.

What can I expect to learn?
We've never spared quality when developing our huge array of tools. We know the personal training field continues to evolve and we know there have been rapid advances in technology in recent years. Here are just a few of the programs we offer:

- how to create engaging video blogs
- how to generate more traffic to your fitness website
- how to structure your fitness programs so they can recruit and retain the number of people you need
- how to use email marketing and social media so that your messages are necessary rather than annoying

Along with these programs, we also offer exclusive coaching and mentoring services whereby you can get paired up with a personal training marketing guru who can help you discover and better develop your brand, or simply troubleshoot the needs you may not yet know you have. NESTA's Online Personal Trainer Certification has received praise from industry leaders from all over the world, and part of our success is that we don't just provide our students the skills needed to be personal trainers, we help them be personal trainers.

Are you looking to reach new clients? Are you unhappy with your turnover rate and looking for a more sustainable business plan? Are you struggling to employ the many new methods of media available to you? Are you interested in deepening your credentials with a respected university degree? Then check out our Personal Trainer Marketing Tactics Program. No matter what your needs are, we've got an answer that will deliver practical results. There's a reason our students return to us again and again.

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